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High Quality Audio Books/Music on CD for your listening pleasure.

Audiobook and music CDs from FWD Computing, Good Life Productions LLC and Independent producers.

Brave New World $10.00 On January 26, 1956 the CBS Radio Workshop gave an excellent rendition of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. We digitized it, cleaned it up and enhanced it to multi-channel to make it even better. A scary thought provoking story of a possible future for mankind. Soma the drug to keep you happy in the segregated, caste class system of the future where to know ones parents is considered shocking. Full cast narration audio CD.

Brothers Grimm Short Stories  $9.00 CD - Short, rare and entertaining stories by the Brothers Grimm of Fairy Tale fame! Stories include: Briar Rose, Clever Gretel, Cat and Mouse in Partnership. The Pack of Raggamuffins, The Frog Prince, Brother and Sister, The Traveling Musicians, The Wonderful Musician, and The Good Bargain. Assorted high quality narrators for these tales. 

A Christmas Carol $15.00
One of the most loved versions of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". This 1939 story stars Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge, famous even now for his miserly ways and "Bah humbug!" when Christmas or being charitable comes up. This is the story of how the ghost of his dead business partner Jacob Marley and the Three Ghosts of Christmas turns his life around by showing him visions of what was, what is and what might be. This is also the story of Tiny Tim. A great story not just for the holidays. Remastered 2005.

Edgar Allen Poe by Basil Rathbone $15.00
Five short audio stories of Edgar Allen Poe done by the great Basil Rathbone. Enhanced multi-channel audios that sound real! The stories are: Eldorado, The complete House of Usher, The Bells, The Raven, The Haunted Palace and the famous poem Annabel Lee. Much improved over all other known versions, including our previous offering. Basil Rathbone is most noted for his Sherlock Holmes role.Remastered 2005.

Hercule Poirot -Detective Magnifique! $10.00 - Two very good audio story episodes of Hercule Poirot, the great Belgian detective created by the Grand Dame of mystery stories, Agatha Christie. The first story is called: Money Mad Fool. The second story is called: The Careless Victim.

H.P. Lovecraft Vol.1 $10.00 AudioCD
Ist volume of 3 planned of last century's most famous master of Horror/SciFi books. Contains tha audio stories of: At The Mountains Of Madness, The Statement Of Randolph Carter, and The Outsider. Excellent quality for yourself or as a gift.

Ligeia - Price $15.00 Classic Edgar Allen Poe read by Vincent Price. The 1838 story of the love of the fair, but lost lady Ligeia. Both poetry and short chilling novel by the master storyteller. Recently remastered and much enhanced audio CD over our older GLP offering.

Forbidden Planet $14.00 The complete 1956 story from Caltex Audio Theater of Australia and faithful to the movie done by MGM. Full cast (even the robot) audioplay of the classic that brought Science Fiction first to the masses. Audio CD

Night of the Living Dead $10.00 This was done in 1982 by Image Ten Audio Books, first as a vinyl record set. This is the complete full cast audio story of the strange ailment that befell the countryside and caused the dead to rise up from the grave and attack the living, who when dead also rose up! Audio CD.

1984 - $10.00 This 1949 thriller of the (then) near future painted a world that was drab, totalitarian and where what was true changed daily according to "Big Brother" government. This tale is also what happened to a couple who tried to find comfort and escape from this. Many thought this to be mankind's future. Narrated by the author George Orwell and starring British actor David Niven. Audio CD.

The Fall of the House of Usher  $8.00 Audio CD  Edgar Allan Poe in 1839. "The Fall of the House of Usher" is considered Poe's most famous work. This highly unsettling macabre work is considered as the masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon Gothic literature. The story begins on one "...dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year...." From the very beginning, the reader, as a result of Poe's imagery, is aware of a sense of death and decay. Even the narrator, Roderick's childhood companion, describes "a sense of insufferable gloom [which] pervaded [his] spirit" as he approached the House of Usher. The term "House of Usher" refers not only to the crumbling mansion but also to the remaining family members who live within.  Usher had written to explain that he was suffering from a terrible mental and bodily illness, and longed for the companionship of "his only personal friend." The plea seemed so heartfelt that the Narrator immediately set out for the Usher ancestral home

The Gold Bug - Edgar Allen Poe $15.00 Reader Vincent Price The story is told by an unnamed narrator, a physician on whose word we can presumably rely. It concerns an extraordinary treasure hunt, conducted by its main character, William Legrand, that took place many years before the present time of the narration. Mystery? The Occult? The hunt for great fortune? Only as Poe could write and read by the great Vincent Price. Remastered 2006 multi-channel enhanced audio CD.

Oomphel In The Sky  $10.00 Double Audio CD - Natives of the distant planet of Kwannon believe that their world is about to end, and in preparing for the apocalypse, may be unnecessarily bringing about their own demise. The planetary government can’t overcome its own bureaucracy to help them, and the military is overwhelmed. Can a single newsman change the course of a whole people, and save their world. Narrated and unabridged, story by H. Beam Piper.

The Return  $8.00 Audio CD - Story by H. Piper Beam in 1960. Two-hundred years after a global nuclear war, two explorers from a research outpost, that largely survived the cataclysm, discover a settlement of humans who have managed to maintain their civilization despite ferocious cannibal neighbours, the Scowrers. However, the explorers must turn detective in order to understand the mystery of their hosts philosophy and religion.

The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk  $7.00 CD -Sherlock Holmes calls on Watson suddenly one day and asks if he is up for a trip to Birmingham. Watson quickly makes the necessary arrangements and joins his friend on the journey, along with Holmes' young client, Hall Pycroft, a stockbroker's clerk, who tells a mysterious story. This story's plot is reminiscent of that in "The Red-Headed league", for it, too, involves an elaborate hoax designed to remove an inconvenient person from the scene for a while so that a crime can be committed. The story was first published in Strand magazine in March 1893. An excellent very British reading.

War of the Worlds $15.00
This enhanced, multi-channel audio CD is the complete Orson Welles 1938 Sci-fi thriller of an alien invasion that scared all that heard it. Also included with this story is the only known interview of both Orson Welles and H.G. Wells on the radio together. The highest quality ever produced of this famous classic, remastered 2005 by Good Life Prod. LLC.


The Arbiter Chronicles Premise    The earliest products of human genetic engineering left earth in the 22nd Century, fleeing persecution. They colonized other worlds which have since become the seats of power – the center of the loosely-organized Confederacy of Worlds. Earth has degenerated into a slum. Devastated by war, poverty and disease, an embarrassment to its descendant worlds, its people are considered the cast-offs of humanity. Jan Atal of Rigel V is one of the Confederate Navy’s most decorated officers, yet is despised by his superiors. Sent on a punitive assignment to command the Arbiter, he takes with him four misfit proteges, they protect Confederate Space from denizens of the violent Qraitian Empire

Episode One - "Mutiny Springs Eternal"  $14.00 Audio CD
A Century ago, the expedition aboard the Faraday disappeared mysteriously, amidst rumors of a mutiny. Today, Arbiter has found the Faraday's survivors on a forgotten planet, but these are children of the mutineers. They're guarding a secret they'll give anything -- or take anything -- to protect; and they've set their sights on Arbiter.
Guest cast: Renee Wilson as Trace Stockard, Paul Balze as Llanck and Admiral Fournier, Andrew Bergstrom as Andrews and Bill Wiethers as Dawson.

Episode Two - "A Man Walks Into a Bar"  $14.00 Audio CD.
While investigating rumors of an espionage operation on a primitive world, Cernaq must kill a man to save Metcalfe's life. When his telepathic mind absorbs the killer's personality, however, Cernaq becomes a danger to everyone around him. To save him, his friends must undergo a risky procedure, linking their minds to his.
Guest cast: Paul Balze as Danvard, Cindy Woods as Lydia Metcalfe and Demej, Ethan Wilson as young Cernaq, Renee Wilson as Pallas, John Weber as Mors, Andrew Bergstrom as Webley, Bill Wiethers as Rhodey.

Episode Three - "Man of Letters"  $14.00 Audio CD.
A day in the life of the Arbiter crew is viewed through the alien eyes of Cernaq as he writes a letter to his mentor, Professor Mors.  Kaya must decide whether her future lies on Arbiter.  Cernaq and Aer'La share an... educational experience.  Metcalfe tries to explain Easter to the Arbiters.   Guest cast: John Weber as Mors, Renee Wilson as Pallas, Cindy Woods as the Psychiatrist

Episode Eight - "Best Laid Plans"  $14.00 Audio CD.
Atal receives orders to return home and take a new command.  He tasks Metcalfe with re-assigning the Arbiters.  The catch?  They can't all go with Atal.  Atal must intervene in a labor dispute between the Navy and the owner of a space way station who'd rather go down fighting than give in.  
Guest cast: Renee Wilson as Maeve Ginsberg, Eli Senter as Rory, Ethan Wilson as Caleb, Paul Balze as DH Rep, additional voices by Cindy Woods

At Dragon*Con 2004, Dr. Demento declared "the great Luke Ski" to be his radio program’s "Most Requested Artist of the 21st Century". Since then, Luke has held onto that title by having a song within the top five of "The Dr. Demento Show’s" year-end "Funny 25″ countdown of his most requested songs of the year for five years in a row.


Baconspiracy $15.00 Audio Cd: It's Luke Ski's 7th full-length comedy music album, "BACONspiracy!" Featuring collaborations with nerdcore rap star MC Lars and grumpy bass playing robot Wyngarde, major appearances by Carrie Dahlby, The Gothsicles, Worm Quartet, Possible Oscar, Rob Balder, and more dementia artist cameos than are allowed by federal law! It includes the songs "You Don't Know Jack", "It Takes Who", "Gettin' Giggity Wit It", "I Love You, TiVo", "One Night At Quark's Bar", "MC Freberg", and the long awaited sequel to one of Luke Ski's most popular tracks, "It's A Fanboy Christmas II: The Wrath Of Claus"! And of course, there's "BACON!"


Unconventional $15.00 Audio CD

The 6th album by 'the great Luke Ski' features such nerdy hits as "Vader Boy", "Grease Wars", "A Man Named Jayne", "Geeks of the Industry", "Sex Kittens From Mars", "Star Wars Prequel Homesick Blues", "The Spongy Dance", and more! Special guest appearances by Worm Quartet and the Nick Atoms!

WPA Classics - The Great Depression
  From 1936 to 1942 -Nikolai Sokoloff - Music Director

WPA Classics Vol #1  - $12.00 Audio Music CD.
Digitally remastered by Good Life Prodcutions LLC
!) Brooklyn WPA Symphony Orchestra -1936
 Old Operatic Favorites - Intermetzo
2) Southern Califormia WPA 1942
 Beethoven's 8th Symphony 2nd Movement
3) Illinois WPA Symphony Orchestra 1942
 With Miss Lucy Monroe, The Opera -Overture To Abul Hassan

WP Classics Vol #2 - $12.00 Audio Music CD. 
Digitally remastered by Good Life Productions LLC 
1) Farm String Quartet Of New York 1938
 First Movement Opus#4 - Ludwig von Beethoven
2) New York Civic Orchestra 1940
 Tone Poem - The Enchanted Lake
3) Knickerbocker Little Symphony 1936
 2nd Movement Symphony No1 - Ludwig von Beethoven    

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