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MP3 Audio Books on CD

Many new items will be added in the coming weeks!  Free is good! and so are low prices. Buy any three movies or audiobooks priced at $10.00 or more each and when you check out from your shopping cart and you are asked to add a note, TELL US which MP3 audiobook priced at $10.00 or less, that you want for FREE! 

Low priced audio books in MP3 format. New audio renditions of classic books that have gone into public domain. Great value and entertainment.

Beowulf  $8.00 MP3 CD -This is a Classic beautiful narrated audiobook, and the Gummere translation really captures the feel of the Old English. Beowulf tells the story of a mysterious young warrior who saves the Spear-Danes from the terrible monster Grendel and his venomous mother, who chosen to prey upon their people till they are wiped out. Many brave warriors have tried to saly Gendel, but none lived. This has long been a mainstay of English Literature 101 courses at universities around the world, it is not only one of the oldest, but one of the most exciting English folktales ever invented

Black Beauty - $8.00 MP3 CD  Black Beauty (in full: Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse, first published November 24, 1877) is Anna Sewell's only novel, composed in the last years of her life between 1871 and 1877 while confined to her house as an invalid.

The story is told in the first person (or "first horse") as an autobiographical memoir told by a highbred horse named Black Beauty—beginning with his carefree days as a foal on an English farm, to his difficult life pulling cabs in London, to his happy retirement in the country. Along the way, he meets with many hardships and recounts many tales of cruelty and kindness. Each short chapter recounts an incident in Black Beauty's life containing a lesson or moral typically related to the kindness, sympathy, and understanding of horses, with Sewell's detailed observations and extensive descriptions of horse behaviour lending the novel a good deal of accuracy

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court  $8.00 MP3 CD   by Mark Twain  Come and hear the strange tale of The Boss Hank Morgan, a modern day (at the time of publication) Connecticut Yankee who oddly finds himself transported to the court of the legendary King Arthur . Hank, or simply, The Boss, as he comes to be most frequently known, quickly uses his modern day knowledge and education to pass himself off as a great magician, to get himself out of all sorts of surprising, and often amusing situations, as well as to advance the technological and  cultural status of the nation in which he finds himself.
  In the rather un-subtle sub-text of the story, Twain uses The Boss to express a surprisingly pragmatic and frequently contradictory philosophy. The Boss explores the relative merits of Democracy, and Monarchy, he expresses his views on the “Nature v. Nurture” debate.

The Colours Of Space  $8.00 MP3 CD - Marion Bradley Zimmer in 1963. Bart Steele, Space Academy graduate, is on his way home to his father’s business - he runs a fleet of spaceships for interstellar travel. The secret for fast interstellar travel though is still tightly kept by the alien race Lhari. An agreement between humans and Lhari has been made that permits humans only to travel in cold sleep as passengers aboard Lhari vessels as to not 
reveal the secret.
  Some humans, the Mentorians, have had a slight genetic shift which enhanced their vision to withstand the light levels that the aliens Lhari use and live in. Mentorians perceive a wider optical spectrum than ordinary humans – some can see the ‘eighth color’. Mentorians act as translators, middleman and interpreters between the two races. But their ability sets them apart from the rest of humanity. Bart, half Mentorian, has this ability.Bart, surgically altering his appearance to hire as a Lhari on a homeworld bound Lhari vessel, attempts to steal the secret of the Warp Drive - an attempt on which countless humans spies have failed before.

Dorothy and the Wizard in the Land of Oz  $8.00 MP3 CD - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz was the 4th of 14 Oz books written by L. Frank Baum . Published in 1908, while residing in Coronado, California, it is considered one of the "darker" of the Oz tales. However, it also is enlivened by Baum’s considerable wit, penchant for puns, and dry social commentary. In this title, Dorothy, her kitten Eureka, Jim, a cab horse, and Zeb, a ranch hand, descend into the earth through a rift opened by an earthquake. There they encounter the "humbug" wizard who once ruled Oz. In their journey back to the earth’s surface, they meet a number of potentially dangerous magical peoples and creatures including the cold-blooded Mangaboos, invisible bears, the flying wooden Gargoyles, a den of dragonettes, and an eccentric inventor. With a little help from Ozma, the group end up in Oz where they are treated to feasts and celebrations. The animals end up humbled by a few of their experiences in Oz, where all animals can talk, and return home a little wiser

The Heathen  $9.00 MP3 CD  Author: Jack London (1876-1916). "I met him first in a hurricane. And though we had been through the hurricane on the same schooner, it was not until the schooner had gone to pieces under us that I first laid eyes on him."

Jack Londons story of a common sailor who first meets his soon to be best friend and business partner for life when their ship goes apart during a hurricane. Tells of their years as sailors and entrepeneurs in the wide Pacific during the 1800s in search of fortune while avoiding cannibals, head hunters and storms. The English sailor and the heathen from Bora Bora.

Heidi  $8.00 MP3 CD - by Johanna Spyri (1827-1901). Hear Heidi if you’ve ever longed to see the Swiss mountain slopes. This story transports the listener from the fine air and freedom of the mountaintop to the confines of Frankfurt, back to the peaks again, in flowered fields with goats at your heels and sky utterly surrounding you We meet Heidi when she is 5, led up the mountain by her aunt who has raised the orphan but must leave now for a position in Frankfurt. In a mountain cottage overlooking the valley is Heidi’s grandfather, and there with him the girl’s sweet, free nature expands with the vista. The author and readers voice is straightforward, with the child’s wonder, devotion, and sometimes humorous good intentions. When Heidi is taken from the mountains and nearly doesn’t make it back again, the most humorous as well as most heart-wringing scenes occur. All she learns during her absence from the mountain she brings back as seeds that will grow to benefit everyone around her.  Narrated - Total runtime: 9:45:20

Huckleberry Finn  $9.00 MP3 CD - 1884 by Mark Twain is one of the truly great American novels,beloved by children, adults, and literary critics alike. The book tells the story of Huck Finn (first introduced as Tom Sawyer's sidekick in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), his friend Jim, and their journey down the Mississippi River on a raft. Both are on the run, Huck from his drunk and abusive father, and Jim as a runaway slave. Read by Annie Coleman

H. Beam Piper's - Little Fuzzy $9.00 MP3 Audio CD- The planet Zarathustra is going through a dry spell. Land-prawns, ecologists, and scared bureaucrats are coming out of the woodwork. But there's more trouble to come. The cutest little alien critter you've ever seen: Little Fuzzy. This book is widely regarded as a minor sf classic, and is much loved by those who have read or heard it..

The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth MP3 CD $9.00 - By H.G. Wells; Read by Alex C. Telander Two stuffy English scientists, always looking to further their scientific knowledge, create a substance called Herakleophorbia, which in its fourth incarnation – known as Herakleophorbia IV – has the special ability of making things increase greatly in size. As the scientists begin experimentation on some chicks, the substance is misused by some "country folk" who don’t take it seriously and soon Herakleophorbia IV is running rampant throughout England and then across the globe, creating giant plants and animals that wreak havoc on the land and then the people. Then the first giant babies are revealed and for the first time humanity has to contend with the existence of a new race of giant people. How humanity deals with this shocking new creation is revealed in The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth.

The Girl of the Golden West MP3 $10 - by David Belasco. Once upon a time in the Gold Rush, there was a girl from a mining camp, the Californio bandit she loved, and the cold-hearted Sheriff who wanted them both in his power…. Famous producer David Belasco's famous play about the Old West is remembered today because it was adapted into the opera La Fanciulla del West. But Belasco's novelization not only fills out the story told by the opera. but is also an interesting look into the California of Belasco's mining camp childhood, and both counters the myths spread by dime novels while using them to get an audience for his tale.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles  $9.00 MP3 CD - (written and published in 1920) is a detective fiction novel by Agatha Christie. This was her very first novel, and it introduced the characters of Hercule Poirot (her famous little Belgian detective!), Chief Inspector Japp and Captain Arthur Hastings. Agatha Christie lovers should not miss hearing her very first book, written while a nurse. Narrated by Alex Foster

Pilgrim's Progress  $9.00 MP3 Audio CD -  by John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress is one of the most famous classics of literature. It is an allegorical novel, describing a Christian's journey through life to reach heaven. Part 1 was written by John Bunyan in 1679 whilst he was imprisoned for conducting unauthorized religious services, whilst Part 2 was not written until 1684, and is not included in many versions of this text. This recording includes both parts, and inline scripture references.

Star Surgeon $8.00 MP3CD  - By Alan Edward Nourse (1928-1992) Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first non-human to study medicine on Hospital Earth, he must face enormous adversity from classmates, professors, and some of the highest ranking physicians on all of Earth. Will his efforts be enough to earn him the Silver Star of a Star Surgeon?

Total running time: 5:25:38
Read by Scott D. Farquhar

Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X  8.00 MP3 CD - Tom Swift Jr. and his associates at Swift Enterprises wait breathlessly for what may well be the most important scientific event in history—the arrival of the visitor from Planet X—a visitor in the form of energy. But there are factions at work determined to snatch the energy, which Tom has named Exman, from the young scientist-inventor's grasp. First, a series of unexplainable, devastating earthquakes threaten to destroy a good portion of the earth, and Tom suspects the Brungarian rebels who obviously would like to capture Exman and use the space visitor to further their own evil purposes. With the security of Enterprises and Exman at stake, Tom creates two of his greatest inventions—a Quakelizor to counteract the simulated earth tremors, and a container or "body" to house the energy from outer space. If the earthquakes cannot be stopped, the entire world will be threatened by destruction, and the Brungarian forces will conquer the earth. How Tom utilizes all his scientific knowledge to produce swift-action results and outwit the Brungarians makes one of the most exciting Tom Swift adventures to date

Warlord Of Kor - $8.00  MP3 CD - Warlord of Kor (written by Terry Carr) was originally published in 1963 as half of an Ace Double, selected by legendary editor Donald A. Wollheim. It is an interplanetary adventure, as humans probe the mysteries of the planet Hirlaj and the few remaining aliens who live there, and the mysteries that they encounter to their surprise. It is always a mistake to think there is nothing to worry about! 

Modestly priced new audio books that offer entertainment as well as great exercise for the mind.As modern science reminds us, the mind is like a muscle, use it or lose it!  

The Adventures of Fu Manchu  $10.00 MP3 CD - Based on the Fu Manchu books by Sax Rohmer. The character of Fu Manchu epitomizes the fear of the "Yellow hopes, instead he chose the path of evil. The heroes, Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, relentlessly pursue Manchu through each of the tales". Manchu was a gifted person who could have been one of mankind’s greatest. They have to overcome Manchu’s despicable use of weapons like snakes, poison mist, drugs, etc. Very similar to Holmes/Watson in that Nayland Smith, an officer in the British Army on special assignment, and his smart cohort Dr. James Petrie are the savvy detectives who face Fu Manchu's many machinations. John Daly does a great, but restrained and cold-blooded  acting job as the insidious Dr. Fu.

American Indian Fairy Tales - $10.00 MP3 CD - With no written language, Native Americans living in the Lake Superior region passed their cultural identity down through the generations by way of stories. Far more than mere tales to amuse children, they passed along the collective wisdom of the tribes. In the 1830s, government Indian Agent and ethnologist Henry R Schoolcraft learned the language of these people and went out to collect and preserve their stories before the tribes disappeared under the westward rush of American civilization. Though these stories were recast as children's fairy tales in the 1920s, they contain much of the old wisdom of a culture which has largely disappeared. Read by chip.

The Best of E.E. "Doc" Smith [1975]  $15.00 MP3 Audio CD -  "Lord Tedric"  "Pirates of Space" "Tedric"  "To the Far Reaches of Space"  "The Vortex Blaster" (originally appeared in Comet [July 1941])-  "Robot Nemesis" (originally appeared in Thrilling Wonder Stories [June 1939])-  "Subspace Survivors"  "The Imperial Stars"

E.E. "Doc" Smith (1890-1965), is considered the Father of Space Opera and one of the greatest Science Fiction authors ever.

The Complete Robot  $18.00 MP3 CD - "Here is every last one of Asimov's robot stories, including some never before appearing in a book. Anyone who enjoys Asimov, science fiction, robots, or indeed anyone who cherishes stimulating and entertaining puzzles will love THE COMPLETE ROBOT." Read in 1982 by Larry McKeever and is 1,530 minutes long. In these stories, Isaac Asimov creates the Three Laws of Robotics and ushers in the Robot Age: when Earth is ruled by master-machines and when robots are more human than mankind.

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection #1  $15.00 MP3 CD  - An excellent MP3 audio collection of some of the best of H. P. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips Lovecraft (20 August 1890 to 15 march 1937). Lovecraft is one of the best known writers of weird fiction and horror.It includes: At The Mountains Of Madness, Fungi From Yuggoth, Re-Animator, Statement Of Randolph Carter, The Dunwich Horror, The Haunter Of The Dark, The Outsider, The Rats In the Walls, The Thing On The doorstep, News and The Horror Within, and Beyond The Walls Of Sleep.

The H. P. Lovecraft Collection #2  $15.00 MP3 CD - Our second excellent MP3 audio collection of some of the best of H. P. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips Lovecraft (20 August 1890 to 15 march 1937). Lovecraft is one of the best known writers of weird fiction and horror.It includes: Moonbog, The Hound, The Call of Cthulhu - abridged, Nyarlathotep, The Lurking Fear, The Picture in the House, The Terrible Old man, and The Tomb.

The Inferno Of Dante $15.00 MP3 CD - This is a dramatic reading by John Cleese of Dante Aligheri's epic poem: the story tells of Dante's travels through the nine circles of Hell with the poet Virgil as his guide: translated by poet laureate Robert Pinsky. Produced by Audio Literature LLc in 1997, second re-issue.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth  $12.00 MP3 CD -  In Jules Verne's 1864 classic tale Professor Von Hardwigg leads his nephew Harry and a hired guide to discover the entrance to an ancient volcanic tunnel in Iceland to the center of the Earth. Choosing to explore it for the mysteries it may hold, the Professor for scientific knowledge, and Harry to prove  bravery to a beautiful girl. It's a dangerous journey that nearly destroys them all. As they travel deep into the caverns they encounter a subterranean world that pre-dates man complete with dinosaurs. It is a strange and fascinating adventure as any explorer ever recorded. Finally, with their equipment lost and food running low they must face the consequences of a vital choice; attempt returning to the world above, or explore even deeper mysteries in hopes of rescue.

King James Bible $12.00 MP3 Audio CD - The original 1611 King James bible, commissioned by the King Of England. this UNABRIDGED version of the bible in high quality narrated audio is great for those who are busy and want to keep in touch with their religion, for those who travel. Makes a great gift or those with less than perfect eysight or reading abilities. They can listen to the complete Bible at their own pace. Works in all quality DVD players, Computers, modern CD players (if one has a CD player that does not handle MP3 it is almost useless today), or used with an iPod, Zune or other MP3 player.

Legend Of Robin Hood  $10.00 MP3 CD - Experience the life of Robin Hood,prince of thieves, through the eyes of Nottingham.and Sherwood Forest. An Earl of the region returning from the Crusades found his lands usurped, and the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, brother to the absent King Arthur still away on the Crusades, in control of the country and abusing its people. Calling himself Robin Hood, and with the aid of Maid Marian he assembles The Merry Men Of Sherwood, dispossessed men to fight the evil and injustice til the return of the King. This is their full cast drama of that tale.

Mindwebs  - $15.00  MP3 CD  - Not really audio drama in the strict sense of the definition, this 1970s series out of WHA Radio in Wisconsin featured weekly readings of science fiction stories by some of the genre's best writers.Many of the readings were enhanced by music, periodic sound cues, and the occasional character voice, I consider them the very best of the 'semi-dramatized'. Over a hundred episodes here for you, many varied in length, but most were half an hour. The writers were all considered the cream of the crop, Ray Bradbury, Alfred Bester, Isaac Asimov, Henry Kuttner, Norman Spinrad, Arthur C. Clarke, Lion Miller, Howard Fast, Gordon Dickson, Marion Bradley Zimmer, Harry Harrison, Kurt Vonnegur Jr., Lin Carter and several others. A high quality MP3 audiobook.

Robinson Crusoe  $9.00 MP3 CD - Author: Daniel Defoe. Son of a middle-class Englishman, Robinson Crusoe spurns his fathers wealth and takes to the sea to find adventure as a slaver. He finds more than he wanted when on one of his voyages he is shipwrecked on a deserted South American island for thirty-five years.After scavenging his broken ship for useful items, he has only his skills and ingenuity to keep him alive as there was to be no one else on the island for the next twenty-four years. In the middle of that twenty-fourth year he rescues a native about to be eaten by cannibals who were using his island for a place of feasting. Crusoe named him Friday, after the day of his rescue. Friday became his faithful servant and friend, and even returned with him to England after their deliverance by an English ship

Security - $10.00 MP3 CD - A audio novelette by Poul Anderson (narrated by Maria Lectrix.) The story was first (and last) published in the February 1953 issue of "Space Science Fiction" magazine. Security introduces us to a mild-mannered scientist with a high clearance, living in what we gradually realize is a very unpleasant future.

The Screwtape Letters $15.00 MP3 CD - A dramatic reading of this tale is told by John Cleese for Audio Literature LLC, done in 1988. The C. S. Lewis book is a moral fable about temptation, cast in the form of letters from the demon Screwtape to a lesser devil.This 3rd re-issue of this audio book in MP3 is complete at 3 hours.

She  $10.00 MP3 CD -  This MP3 audiobook of the exciting fantasy story of SHE, the white Queen of a lost civilization in Africa in the late 1800s. Listen and find out what they really meant when they said "She who must be obeyed!" First published in 1887 this story still maintains it's popularity today (at least 3 movies have been made from it!). Written by Sir henry Rider Haggard.

Star Rangers  $15.00 MP3 Cd - One of the small number of audiobooks ever done for Andre Norton, this is a high quality MP3 audio done in 2001 from the book of 1953. The failing old Empire fades, as does the Star Rangers, it's last bastion of hope before the darkness sets in on what was once a great empire. Times are rough, supplies limited and ships in bad repair. Landing on a strange unknown planet, in search of a safe haven, they find both betrayal and hope. The remains of a lost civilization, perhaps the ancient birthplace of man kind. Hunted by pirates determined to bring the curtains down on civilization they fight to survive. A great classic that should not be missed.

Stranger In A Strange Land  - $16.00 MP3 CD - The most famous science fiction novel written (by Robert Heinlein), Stranger in a Strange Land is the epic saga of an earthling, born and educated on Mars, who arrives on our planet with superhuman powers anda total ignorance of the mores of man. His name is Valentine Michael Smith, and he is destined to become a freak, a media commodity, a scam artist, a searcher, a sexual pioneer, a neon evangelist, a martyr, and finally a messiah. The complete high quality story in MP3 audio, 2002 production. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  $10.00 MP3 CD - (published 1876) is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi river. Read By John Greeman, unabridged.

White Fang  $10.00 MP3 Audio CD -   Jack London's 1906 novel. As many will remember, London tells the story of a wolf-dog who endures great cruelty before he comes to know human kindness. White Fang eventually gets taken in by men, first an Indian tribe where he is "tamed" with brutality, then by white traders who use him for their own base purposes. Through it all we see the cruel world in which he lives and feel his pain and hunger and anger. It is a well-plotted adventure carefully observed, and serves as a great reminder of how savage the untamed wilderness is, and that mankind is often only a bare step above it.

Free Download of the book, "How To Have Money" by Eddie Wooderson. This book, in a zip file with both PDF and .Doc file formats, is maybe the best short book on how to improve yourself financially there is. This download is only for a short while, so spread the word to friends and family to come and download it.

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Audiobooks, as well as the written word have long been described as "The theater of the mind."


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